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Preventing lifejacket fails

6 Oct 2023
Make basic life jacket checks 
Before you put the life jacket on make some basic checks. Check the jacket is armed, there is no visible damaged and that all buckles are working.

Fit your life jacket correctly 
Make sure that the life jacket is fitted as tightly as is comfortable. This helps prevent irritation caused by ill-fitting equipment and helps the life jacket to perform properly in the water. 

Understand how your life jacket works 
Make sure you know how to take the life jacket on and off easily and how to manually inflate the life jacket if needed.

Electronic location devices 
If fitted with an electronic location device, then make sure you and the crew understand how it works if deployed and how to deploy it. 

Store your life jacket correctly 
Keep your life jacket vertical and in a well-ventilated area to prevent accidental inflation.

Look after your life jacket and it will look after you. 


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