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XTX winner of 2020 Pittman Innovation Award

Spinlock XTX Soft Grip Clutch wins a SAIL Magazine 2020 Pittman Innovation Awards


The latest from the Clipper Race from our ambassador Timothy Morgan

I was massively apprehensive going into Leg 2. When talking to new crew on Zhuhai over a pint in Punta del Este they couldn’t understand why after sailing across both Atlantics that I would consider this short hop back over the South Atlantic anything other than a walk in the park.

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Making the harder stuff easy

They say the stopwatch never lies and now Spinlock have produced something equally infallible to monitor the real state of your sail wardrobe

Sugerencias Deckware

Use esta guía de selección interactiva para ayudarlo a elegir su chaleco salvavidas o su flotabilidad.